Things I Thought I Knew and Then Some

Musings on Six Months as Head of Design Operations @Automattic – Part One Coming into my role as Head of Design Ops from a prior career in design consulting building out similar types of practice areas […]

Personal Professional Mission (PPM)

Our Head of Design Ops at Automattic, Alison Rand, is passionate about the idea of PPMs. Alison introduced me to the concept a few months ago, and I immediately gravitated to it but I wasn’t […]

2018 Design Tools Cost Comparison Sketch

Putting my money-glasses on, I’ve been curious about how much anyone needs to pay for design tools that enable drawing, prototyping, and communicating. Because recently something’s been bothering me, that I couldn’t put my finger […]

Puerto Rico Se Levanta

Photo Credit: Dennis M. Rivera Pichardo for The New York Times Search for and tell stories about people, not just data. When I read about the island of Puerto Rico, a US Territory lost in 11 […]

The last computer password

Do you know what the first computer password was? Wired asked that question in 2012. They never actually answered it, and of course, the answer is not very important. But the story behind the invention […]

African Design

Africa! A continent of mystery, magic, and a mix of cultures and people so diverse that very few outside of it manage to understand, let alone describe it. I was born and live at the southern […]

The Sound of Trust

Since the 1930s, many have tried to design a solid-body electric guitar. It was Leo Fender in 1950 and his iconic Telecaster that revolutionized the guitar manufacturing industry and propelled popular music into a completely […]

It’s Never Too Late to Listen

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. – Abraham Lincoln I’ve learned a lot of lessons as a designer/human over the years. More […]

This simple trick will change the way you design products

Ready? Here goes: Be curious! Ask your customers questions. Observe their behavior. Welcome and seek out their differences. It’s the first principle of our fledgling design language: “Start from curiosity. Welcome and seek out difference.” […]