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We democratize publishing and commerce so anyone with a story can tell it, and anyone with a product can sell it, regardless of income, gender, politics, language, or country. If you’re ambitious, energetic, and driven by a passion for helping people, you can make a visible, profound, and lasting difference here.

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Projects with Purpose

We make the web a better place for more than a billion people each month by solving interesting problems for them. We expect to learn new things every day, and we’re continuously refining our remote design practice.

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Automattic gives designers the chance to improve people’s lives at scale.

Jeffrey Zeldman

Time for Life

We pioneered distributed work, and we care about the work you produce, not the hours you put in. Create a work environment and schedule that empowers you to perform at your very best. You can expect a design-specific onboarding experience, a thoughtful design mentoring program, and a dedicated Designer Experience team supporting you every step of the way.

Automattic offers professional development programs, an open vacation policy, generous parental leaves, career coaching, wellness support, sabbaticals, and more. This is a job that gives you time to live, not just work.

Talent from Everywhere

80 Designers
23 Countries
8 Teams
25 Languages

We believe intellectual diversity is critical to our success, so we hire designers from everywhere. This is a team of diverse, global perspectives. Work from wherever you choose and be part of a worldwide team.

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We have an immersive hiring process that gives you the opportunity to decide if we’re a fit for you, and vice-versa. Our process is egalitarian and promotes experimentation, research, and the asking of questions.

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It starts with you. Introduce your work and experience to us.
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Interview via Slack
You’ll be encouraged to communicate, as we do each day, through text-based conversations and long-form writing.


Paid Trial Project
You’ll be challenged to work autonomously and asynchronously through a trial project, with a real problem to solve. You’ll interact with team members and receive transparent feedback throughout.


Final Chat
A final chat ensures that your values and ours are aligned before we make an offer.