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Why all designers should do customer support

All new hires at Automattic are required to spend three weeks as a Happiness Engineer, solving…basically anything one can create with a site. Plus anything that the phrase “systems thinking” adds to its scope. […]

Gutenberg for WordPress Usability Walkthrough by Jeff Golenski

Fresh look into Gutenberg for WordPress. A usability walkthrough

Although I’ve seen Gutenberg in action on the big screen, up until now, I haven’t really tried to use it to create content or layout. This 53 minute long walkthrough is my first real in-depth attempt at utilizing Gutenberg to create a blog post.

Gutenberg April Empathy Challenge

“Gutenberg” is the codename for a project to bring a brand new editor to WordPress; an editor that makes it easy to create rich layouts without having to know code. Because usage is like oxygen […]

Testing Gutenberg: An Empathy Challenge

Like so many of my colleagues, I thought I’d test Gutenberg by answering the call to an empathy challenge. We were asked to recreate an existing post with the new Gutenberg plugin (soon to be […]

Staying Positive When Your Product Causes Pain

I make and think about WordPress themes all day with the Theme Team. They control the appearance of a WordPress website, and it’s a heck of a fun job. Most of the time. What […]

Lessons Learned Teaching Usability Testing with Gutenberg

As you might have read in previous flow posts, last week ended Automattic’s 8th annual Grand Meetup, where 600+ of us made our way up to Whistler, Canada for a week packed full of conversations, […]

The benefits of establishing a feedback ritual

For the past few months, my day has started with going through the reviews and support forums for Gutenberg (the new editing experience for WordPress). When I started, I wasn’t aware of what benefits this would […]

Crossing the digital divide

Taxiing home after my first Automattic Grand Meetup in Whistler, I was happy to get to know my driver Mohamed. He has been running his family business for over 20 years and also drives a […]

Recruiting participants for remote user tests

I recently attended my first remote design sprint at Automattic. It ran over a two week period and  was attended by fellow designers, developers, data scientists, happiness engineers, and marketers. Together we created two prototypes […]