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Pickers & Clickers

Alternate title: Pick-a-little, Talk-a-little Over the last 18 months or so, I’ve logged 200+ hours of moderating, watching, and reading user research sessions. Entrepreneurs with dreams of success, bloggers who love murder mysteries, and everyone […]

Synthesizing usability test results

This week we got another usability study in the books by testing the most recent iteration of our signup and onboarding flow. Thanks to some help from our design operations team I was able to […]

“Am I Doing This Right?”

As a former freelancer I would have been considered a small business owner at one point. I was managing all aspects of the business which operated under my name. There were definitely some areas that […]

Finding a Product’s Place

Some of my colleagues recently embarked on a journey to better understand our customers’ perspectives and what is most important to them and their businesses. While reading about their learnings, I wrote down some things […]

The Small Business Leader

Michael D. Watkins wrote about the seven seismic shifts of perspective and responsibility required for how managers become leaders in his piece for Harvard Business Review by the same name. In this article, he shares […]

Iceberg in Arctic Ocean.

Make the Levers

This quote from a customer caught my eye recently: It just really helped me to solidify what I really want my business to be. I don’t need this big huge gigantic “American dream” of […]

But building a website is fun, right?

Tinkering on websites has been a thing for me since the late ‘90s. The first site I made was an Angelfire powered, unsanctioned site for the local ski hill. (Corel draw, java applets, and embedded […]

The challenge of deeply understanding our customers

As designers we often do research or get research insights by a specialized team. This research work is always impactful and can lead to smaller and large changes. Over the years, I realized that one […]

Customer experience, by design.

Creating work for myself has always been a challenge. It’s easy to get sucked into the possibility of the project and all it could be. I’m reminded of this challenge when I ask a client […]