Category: Solving Problems

Hundreds of Tiny Arrows

I recently hand-drew hundreds of tiny arrows for a Longreads illustration. It took about four hours, with a few breaks to check Slack and refill my chai. I knew I could have drawn a few […]

The importance of triage practice

At Automattic we have the concept of โ€˜trash pickupโ€™. The idea being you see something that is an issue, you fix that issue. Itโ€™s a powerful idea, one that over time adds up to seeing […]

Building a Site That's Right for You

Hello everyone! ย Iโ€™m Mel Choyce, a product designer on the Apollo team here at Automattic. Apollo is comprised of the Automatticians who contribute full-time to the open source side of WordPress over at Iโ€™m […]