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Designing consistency: Impact on agencies and their customers

A long time ago in a galaxy where I still currently reside, I was a marketing & product designer for several multimedia agencies focused on building marketing websites for small businesses. The platform of choice […]

Four Design Principles at Automattic Design

We’ve spent the last half year at Automattic Design finding our design principles. That might sound easy to do when so much has been written out there about design. But we’re the world’s largest all-remote […]

In the business of building trust

2000. The millennium. Roger Federer is yet to grace the grass courts of Wimbledon. Wembley Stadium is due to host it’s final F.A Cup match before being rebuilt. Harry Potter is still a read-only experience. […]

Building trust with notifications

When we launched the redesign of notifications a few years ago, it was one of the only features developed in tandem with all platforms. Although this exact principle wasn’t stated during development, the core values […]

Why all designers should do customer support

All new hires at Automattic are required to spend three weeks as a Happiness Engineer, solving…basically anything one can create with a site. Plus anything that the phrase “systems thinking” adds to its scope. […]

Building trust through the Rebrand Cities project

At Automattic, there’s one collaborative project which particularly helps building trust within who we are as a company, our product(s) and our customers. This project, founded by Hajj Flemings, is called Rebrand Cities and has the […]


The best design is invisible. It is functional to the point that you forget how it works, you just use it. You might even forget it took effort to invent once upon a time. For […]