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Classic Volkswagen advertising.

Sticking To It

If I wanted a career like his, I would have to seek deeply in my soul.

African Design

Africa! A continent of mystery, magic, and a mix of cultures and people so diverse that very few outside of it manage to understand, let alone describe it. I was born and live at the southern […]

Reaching Tomorrow

Stories help shape reality. It helps paint the past, present, and future. Through stories we can prompt emotions, experiences, and vision. Stories are human. A great example of how stories can influence, and shape perception […]

Anticipating User Needs Through Stories

One of the most common traps of product design is ending up designing for yourself. It’s sometimes easy to forget that there’s an entire planet full of people outside of your office and so starting […]

Sounds of the Silent

Search for and tell stories about people, not just data. The lifespan of an open-source product is a funny thing. It starts with an idea that is shared with the world and from there, if […]

The people margin

Prior to my time at Automattic, I worked at a direct marketing firm. We were taught to mind the data. You make a change, you test it, you check the data and make a decision […]

Popping bubbles with pineapples

It’s easy to become trapped in a bubble. After all – you know what to expect, and everyone uses your product the same way, right?


Everyone has a story…

Don’t forget – no one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell. —Charles de Lint Ever since I first joined Woo, […]

The Importance of Validating Assumptions

In the early days of my career, I was quite fascinated with Flash. I wanted to be a cartoonist growing up so naturally, I was drawn to this tool that allowed me to create some […]