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African Design

Africa! A continent of mystery, magic, and a mix of cultures and people so diverse that very few outside of it manage to understand, let alone describe it. I was born and live at the southern […]

This simple trick will change the way you design products

Ready? Here goes: Be curious! Ask your customers questions. Observe their behavior. Welcome and seek out their differences. It’s the first principle of our fledgling design language: “Start from curiosity. Welcome and seek out difference.” […]

Making WordPress accessible to all

Start from curiosity. Welcome and seek out difference. I’ve written previously about our focus on accessibility with the WordPress mobile apps. Both iOS and Android provide an array of options focused at making their platforms […]

Seeking a broader perspective

For the past couple months a team of designers has been neck deep in user research and exercises designed to help us absorb and synthesize everything we’ve learned. We started from curiosity: how can we […]

Stepping Out

Start from curiosity. Welcome and seek out difference. – Automattic Design Principle Whether we intend to have one or not, we all have our bubbles. It’s the place we naturally gravitate to because we know […]

Learning to listen

Designers at Automattic have one common goal that is clearly stated in our creed: I will never stop learning. It’s something that I refer back to when being challenged with a new idea, work method […]

Finding my way into the WordPress community

I’ve been on the periphery of the open source WordPress community for years now. I’ve attended one local WordPress meetup, one WordCamp, and I even helped design and produce a book about WordPress. Here at […]

Ride passenger

Have you ever had to sit and watch someone struggle to do something on a computer or phone? They keep clicking the wrong thing or looking in the wrong place, pushing the wrong buttons, or […]

A young dark-haired woman playing acoustic guitar while sitting on grass.

Playing the Right Chords

No matter what type of work you do, you can easily focus on the details too much. Let’s say you’re learning guitar, and you worry about your strumming technique or type of strings you use […]