Writing for a better web

We also write! And we share stories about design, the team, our products, and how we do it. We’re open source in all ways, from the technologies we create to the ways we create them. Onboarding: Better Iteration Through Persistence, Collaboration, and Data Analysis

How a year of experiments led to subtle changes with major impacts.

Redesigning The Atavist Magazine

The Atavist Magazine, one of Automattic’s flagship longform publications, recently relaunched on In this conversation, editor in chief Seyward Darby and art director Ed Johnson talk about the history, (re)design, and future of the magazine.

Jetpack turns 10

Go behind the scenes with the Jetpack Design team and see the process of how we crafted the 10th anniversary campaign.

Designing for Culture and Community

The Designer Experience team at Automattic is uniquely tasked with designing programs and experiences for designers. Learn about our culture and community-building programs.

Accessibility in the Block Editor

As a new addition to the design team at Automattic and a first-time contributor to the WordPress project, I’ve been spending a lot of time learning about accessibility features in Gutenberg, the WordPress block editor. I wanted to create this blog post to introduce myself (and you) to the many useful accessibility features available and provide some context about how recent improvements are helping take accessibility and usability to the next level. As with all aspects of WordPress — the work is never finished!

Case Study: Using the power of WordPress to help redesign the American high school

Matt Owens, a partner at creative studio Athletics, takes us inside education, innovation, and community with XQ Institute.

Showcase Your Figma Designs on WordPress P2

At Automattic, P2 is one of the main tools we use for asynchronous communication. An integral part of our workflow, it is the place where we share, discuss, brainstorm, and…

We’re all ears

A standing invitation to Jetpack users: let’s chat.

Text Should Not Feel Important

In a workplace, quick feedback is easy to come by. We just ask the person we’ve on our side, we walk by a trusted colleague, maybe we even ask a…

Advancing the Block Interface

Automattic contributes to a number of non-profit and open source projects, including WordPress, which powers more than 30% of websites, including As part of WordPress’ five for the future…