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We also write! And we share stories about design, the team, our products, and how we do it. We’re open source in all ways, from the technologies we create to the ways we create them.

Introducing Twenty Twenty-Three

Twenty Twenty-Three, the new WordPress default theme is here, alongside WordPress 6.1.

The Best Design Books We’ve Ever Read

Great design books can open our eyes to new possibilities and unlock new insights that lead to great design. We recently asked our designers which design books had left the greatest impact on them and their work. Here’s what they said.

Automattic Women: Vanessa Riley Thurman

“The ability to explore my ideas and watch others do the same makes work feel joyful.”

The many desks of a distributed design team

Check out our designers’ home offices.

Automattic Women: Christy Nyiri

We’ve grown three-fold (!!) since I started two years ago, and I’m proud of how we’ve refined and matured our design processes, and continue to do so, as our team scales.

Jetpack Design Meetup in Barcelona

A key part of distributed life is meetups. We plan them together, choose the location, dates, and activities, and then travel to meet there for work, and for fun. A perfect setting to get to know each other, work together, explore our surroundings, and create memories that last a lifetime. The Jetpack Design Team met each other for the first time in Barcelona, Spain.

How to Be a Neurodiversity Ally

If we behave inclusively to everyone, everyone is included. Here are ten ideas to consider as you go about your day as a neurodiversity ally.

Automattic Women: Yvonne Doll

“My team is a ton of fun. We’re all true friends and have created a very supportive work environment.” 

Building a Process for Design Research

Good design happens when you understand your users and how they think. Research provides a vehicle for this familiarity, helping us as designers build empathy so that we can identify and solve our users’ problems. Read on to learn how to build good research processes into your design work.

Designing a theme in the WordPress Editor

Thanks to WordPress 5.9 and the evolution of Full Site Editing, it’s possible to design a fully-featured theme using just the Site Editor.