Tiago Noronha

Web Designer, Developer and Computer Geek from Coimbra, Portugal. I work for Automattic.

Sharing work early and often

At Automattic, we take pride in sharing designs openly at all stages of the design process. The work on this page serves as a public snapshot of our latest work, encompassing everything from product design to UX work, branding, themes, marketing and more.


Sounds of the Silent

Search for and tell stories about people, not just data. The lifespan of an open-source product is a funny thing. It starts with an idea that is shared with the…

Getting more views

The Internet is a vast world. users alone produce about 86.5 million new posts viewed by more than 409 million people each month. With so much competition, standing out…

It is hard to WordPress

Recently, I’ve had the chance to help a friend create her own personal website. This wasn’t the traditional “I don’t know anything about the internet, how do I create a…