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Design Director on Design at Automattic.

Designing Design Leadership

I don’t have a formal design background. I had to learn everything the hard way through the usual methods. Diving into, or letting myself get thrown into, the deep end of the pool. Working hard […]

The story of the story of the Four Planets of Design

Working at a fully distributed company where everyone at the company is working remotely from each other means you’re simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. You’re in Slack or a P2 or video call synchronously and asynchronously […]

There’s nothing quite like finding out you’re wrong

There’s nothing quite like finding out you’re wrong. I’ve shared previously about the research I was able to take part in as a designer at Automattic. Meeting Small Business Owners from across the United States […]

Seeking out differences and changing

If you’ve ever had to do anything moderately hard over a long period of time, failed at it, tried again, found some success, failed at it, tried again, and so on, looping on and on, […]

In the difference between promise and present

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is the difference between promise and present. The difference between expectations, hopes, dreams, visions — the optimistic future — and the “what needs to get done today to get […]

Why I’m so excited about the Gutenberg Editor for WordPress

The other day a friend of mine at Automattic shared the following. So I bought this theme for my personal website and I wanted to make it look nice before I activate it, of course, […]