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I'm a designer, web developer, illustrator, photographer, wife to @tmoorewp, and proud mama to two amazing kids. I make stuff for

The Curious Mind

“Start from curiosity. Welcome and seek out difference.” The Dotcom Design team recently completed a series of user interviews in an attempt to better understand small businesses and their needs. We heard from small business owners […]

Taking Gutenberg for a Spin

As part of our quarterly empathy challenge, I attempted to recreate this Longreads post, “Hey, Can I Sleep In Your Room?”: Studying Love with Elizabeth Flock. Beyond copying and pasting the article itself, I attempted […]

"How can I get more views to my blog?"

At work, we were recently asked to examine a common problem among bloggers of all types: how to get more views. As someone who has been blogging since before it was called “blogging”, web traffic […]

Adding WooCommerce Support to Libre 2

The Theme Team is hard at work adding support for WooCommerce to some of our popular themes, and last week I wrapped up my first rotation. My project was to add WooCommerce support to an […]

The Support Rotation: My Annual Empathy Booster

In addition to doing three weeks of support during our start at Automattic, every employee does an annual support rotation, putting aside their regular jobs for a few hours over the course of the year […]

Where Illustration and Themes Meet

As an illustrator, one of the reasons I started working with WordPress themes was the need for a portfolio website that reflected my style — whimsical, colorful, and a bit cute. Themes in this genre were sparse […]