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Derek Powazek has worked the web since 1995 at pioneering sites like HotWired, Blogger, and Technorati. He is the author of “Design for Community: The Art of Connecting Real People in Virtual Places” (New Riders, 2001). He is the cofounder of JPG, the photography magazine that’s made by its community. He was previously the Chief of Awesome for HP’s MagCloud, advised a handful of startup companies, and edited Fray, the quarterly book of true stories and original art. Derek lives near Portland, Oregon, with his wife, three dogs, five goats, and a growing number of chickens.

What Problem Are We Solving?

There is no such thing as Good Design. Sure, there’s design that you personally like, which is nice. And there’s good default practices that can help you get started. But over the course of my […]