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You have a site, now what?

I’ve run a few businesses in the past, and can tell you from first hand experience, it is no joke. I ran a physical products business using WordPress, and WooCommerce. I went from focusing on […]

Reaching Tomorrow

Stories help shape reality. It helps paint the past, present, and future. Through stories we can prompt emotions, experiences, and vision. Stories are human. A great example of how stories can influence, and shape perception […]

Growing an audience for existing posts

It’s a little difficult to outline how to grow an audience for posts that didn’t start out with that intention. Majority of the posts we’ve collected via A8CDesignFlow (& voice) has not be crafted for […]

Cool Designs, and Flow

When I first started in design, I had this morning ritual where I’d go to a few sites that posted “daily design inspirations” (a long scroll of different work) to get into “flow”. What is […]

The Six Universal Experiences

During a Woo design meetup in Lisbon, we spent some time diving into some of our product experiences on WooCommerce (and a bit of JetpackšŸ˜‰) . Before we dove in, Todd Wilkens (Head of WooCommerce) […]

Design-led Product Management

Within the WooCommerce division at Automattic we’ve been taking a design-led approach to building products. What does this (design-led) mean? It means we start with empathy, focus on the experience, and emotions (how a person […]

The Art of Shipping and Fulfillment

Over the last 3 months, we’ve been thinking a lot about shipping and fulfillment on the WooCommerce team. When the thought of shipping comes to mind for most people, it usually goes something like this […]