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Automattic Women: Michelle Langston

Welcome to Automattic Women—conversations with some of the remarkable women working all over the world to design and develop Automattic software and make the web a better place. Today’s interviewee is designer Michelle Langston.

How to blog it and make them come…lessons from a friend

It’s a new year, and designers at Automattic have been pondering a common question that all bloggers face: how can I get more views? I decided to take a look…

Realizing childhood dreams by building WordPress sites

In 2003, I was cleaning my room back at home and found the journals I’d kept at school in 2nd, 4th, and 5th grades. I typed up the entries and…

Brix Wine & Charcuterie site design – Detroit Hackathon reflection

This February, I visited Detroit along with a team of fellow Automatticians to participate in the Detroit Hackathon, an initiative of Rebrand Detroit. We did a quick tour of Detroit…