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Making WordPress accessible to all

Start from curiosity. Welcome and seek out difference. I’ve written previously about our focus on accessibility with the WordPress mobile apps. Both iOS and Android provide an array of options focused at making their platforms […]

My Gutenberg Challenge Results

For my Gutenberg empathy challenge, I sought to re-create the Longreads article: “From Ghost Town to Havana: Two Teams, Two Countries, One Game” by Rick Paulas. Here’s the screen recording of my attempt: The very first […]

Learning about driving web traffic as a mobile-only blogger

For this exercise, I wanted to embrace both how little I know about driving web traffic, as well as the two-hour time limit. While I could spend hours researching and learning the best way to […]

Running an effective remote design team

Around this time last year, I got an interesting call on Slack. Automattic had recently organized its mobile teams into a new division called Hogwarts, and our new division lead Cate Huston had embraced her […]

Designing Login for the WordPress apps

Earlier this year, a project squad in our mobile division set out to work on a surprisingly tricky task: creating a simple login flow for our mobile apps that works with any WordPress site. Why […]

Improving Accessibility with Dynamic Font Sizes

We’ve been working on a number of accessibility improvements to our apps for Android and iOS. Here’s a look at how dynamic font sizes are making our apps easier to read.