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The best eCommerce software is invisible

The Best eCommerce Software is Invisible

I’ve worked in the WooCommerce marketing team for four years. In the past six months I finally got around to building a store for a social enterprise I’m involved in. Sure, I’d tinkered in test sites, […]

Talking to customers doesn’t just test our intuition: it forms it

We have gut feelings, instincts, and intuition for a reason. Often those reasons are sound — even if we can’t articulate them. But sometimes the reasons are rubbish. Inconvenient as it may be, as single […]

Giving Gutenberg a spin

We were tasked with trying out Gutenberg. I actually half completed this task a couple of weeks back with a Longreads post but didn’t end up posting about it. So this morning I gave it […]

Marina Pape

How to grow the reach of Ashley’s post with a sticky highlight How to grow an audience is quite literally a million dollar question. Where there is a gathered audience, there is a group one […]

Learnings from designing WooConf 2017

I joined Woo in July 2014 just a few month before we hosted the very first WooConf in San Francisco. Since then we have hosted two more — in Austin last April and most recently […]

Designing a successful IRL meetup for a remote team

Automattic is a distributed company so we don’t get all that much time together.  This means that whenever we do I am always really mindful of how to make the most of it. Team meetups […]

Inclusive marketing

During my hiring trial for WooThemes in 2014 I wrote a fictitious backstory about Woo’s original mascot – a little ninja designed by Jon Hicks. The story was written from my understanding of Japanese culture and unequivocally […]