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I design at Automattic.

Retired with a business

Not too long ago, my coworkers produced a report to help understand small business owners. It’s filled with solid insights that will challenge your ideas on who small business owners are and where their priorities lie. […]

Ride passenger

Have you ever had to sit and watch someone struggle to do something on a computer or phone? They keep clicking the wrong thing or looking in the wrong place, pushing the wrong buttons, or […]


Goal: Get 1000 page views on a blog post with $20 to spend I have several hypothesis to achieve this goal. I think the cumulative effect of most can be measured independently in order to […]

The language of time travel

I have been working with a team to build a time machine. Yep. A time machine. It can travel to the past. It can return to the present. It can’t really go into the future […]

Let's meetup

It’s easy to keep adding features to a product based on the instincts or personal desires of the contributors. This usually results in features or flows that no one asked for or particularly needs. Most […]

Code play

I challenge you to go write some playful code right this very minute. Especially if you don’t know how to code. Stop reading this article and go find a playground to explore and some documentation […]

Improving the WordPress experience

The experience of creating a WordPress site can vary wildly. Occasionally, I hear how someone set it up without any major roadblocks. I more often witness nightmare-level setup experiences. Together, with help from the community […]


Designers are pretty dang good at asking that one tiny infuriating question. In my experience, the question is often taken as a challenge to an idea or even insulting, but the reality of why we […]