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I like poking pixels and hugging dogs.

Business memories

Before my role in Automattic I for a time ran my own business. I’d fallen into it through good connections and chance. Following my passion was scary but it lead me to some incredible spaces […]

Contributor stories

WordPress exists today because people contribute to it. They contribute in their evenings, weekends and lunch times. People choose to take WordCamp vacations, attend contribution days on a Sunday with their family. These volunteer contributors […]

A cup of tea with Gutenberg

Gutenberg is a codename for the project focusing on the entire publishing flow of WordPress. The first phase of this is the editor. For those of you that don’t know, Gutenberg works with everything being a […]

What is in a space designer’s toolkit?

Star date -304979.5527650938. Space designers are landing on planets, exploring, meeting inhabitants and charting the resources. What do space designers carry in their backpacks? What are the essentials to get the job done that you […]

Seeing humans

This post was meant to be a different one and then yesterday I saw these Tweets by the amazing Mel Choyce : Yes, call out mistakes, b/c yes, we're going to get a lot wrong. […]

The benefits of establishing a feedback ritual

For the past few months, my day has started with going through the reviews and support forums for Gutenberg (the new editing experience for WordPress). When I started, I wasn’t aware of what benefits this would […]

Receiving the Baton

Not every project you join at the start. I recently was passed the baton to become the new design lead of the WordPress editor focus. The current lead, Joen Asmussen is taking some time off […]

The importance of triage practice

At Automattic we have the concept of ‘trash pickup’. The idea being you see something that is an issue, you fix that issue. It’s a powerful idea, one that over time adds up to seeing […]

Designing contributions

I get to work on the team at Automattic that contributes back full time to the wider community. In the WordPress community we get to not just design in pixels, but also design the […]