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Personal Professional Mission (PPM)

Our Head of Design Ops at Automattic, Alison Rand, is passionate about the idea of PPMs. Alison introduced me to the concept a few months ago, and I immediately gravitated to it but I wasn’t […]

2018 Design Tools Cost Comparison Sketch

Putting my money-glasses on, I’ve been curious about how much anyone needs to pay for design tools that enable drawing, prototyping, and communicating. Because recently something’s been bothering me, that I couldn’t put my finger […]

Four Design Principles at Automattic Design

We’ve spent the last half year at Automattic Design finding our design principles. That might sound easy to do when so much has been written out there about design. But we’re the world’s largest all-remote […]

My Experience Using Gutenberg

I’ve played with Gutenberg but I haven’t actually used it to do something complex, yet. So I set off to re-create this story used in Longreads to see how far I could get. My overall […]

Remote Work and Remote Designers

Hi there, For the 2018 #DesignInTech Report‘s coverage on “Remote Work and Remote Design” I’ve rounded up 25 posts from Automattic Designers on the topic. To learn more about how remote work companies work there’s […]

Looking For Muriel?

Maybe you read this on the Internet, and you want to get whatever Muriel might be? You’ve come to the right place! Over the last 4 months has been distilling a set of principles […]

React Components, Design, and (2015)

It’s been fun to learn about the history of the Automattic dev/design team’s early work on one of the first large-scale React-based user experience deployments — having taken to heart WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg’s impassioned […]

Let's Cut To The Chase

Estelle Weyl’s tweet today: Stop asking me for my location. Stop asking me about push notifications. Stop asking for my email. Especially on my 1st visit to your site! is especially compelling to me today […]

June 2017 Digest

Creative Leadership: Critical Thinking Brie Anne Demkiw (#) “Kill Your Darlings” Rick Banister (#) “Remote Leadership” David A. Kennedy (#) “How to Know When to Walk Away from a Project” Tammie Lister (#) “Designing contributions” […]