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Jan is a designer and illustrator whose work has been featured in several publications online and offline. When not trying to help make the Web a better place, she can be found taking off on an impulse adventure, experimenting in the kitchen, or playing badminton.

There’s always a lot of work to do

As a foodie, I’m always on the hunt for the next best food spot in town. I’ve bookmarked a bunch of places and have subscribed to local magazines to make sure I don’t miss new […]

The Importance of Validating Assumptions

In the early days of my career, I was quite fascinated with Flash. I wanted to be a cartoonist growing up so naturally, I was drawn to this tool that allowed me to create some […]

Gutenberg Plugin Review

For this quarter’s empathy challenge, we were asked to pick a post from Longreads and recreate it. I used my own site,, and created a page on there. I have a fully customized theme, […]

How to achieve overnight success

The designers at Automattic were given a challenge: to pick a colleague’s post and outline a plan for it to get 1,000+ page views with only a $20 budget. Several years ago, I blogged a […]

How WordPress Changed My Life

Growing up, I’ve always been very creative and drew a lot, perhaps influenced by my dad who has exceptional drawing skills, but I never thought I’d become a designer. In the early 2000s, I had […]

Contributing to Gridicons

Designing an icon might appear super easy, perhaps because of the size of it, some people may think there’s only minimal work involved. Very recently, I was working on a set of icons for’s […]

My Favorite Illustrator Tips for a Faster Workflow

Just recently, I had the opportunity to work on our team’s shirt design. Illustrator has always been my tool of choice when it comes to doing print work, but before we dive into some tips, […]

WordCamp Europe 2017 Postcard Design

This year’s WordCamp Europe was held in Paris last June 15-17. A few weeks prior to the event, my co-worker, Tammie, messaged me on Slack asking if I were interested in creating a postcard illustration […]