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Product & Focus lead at WooCommerce.

A website is a means to an end

Small business owners are not website focused. They require an approach that recognizes their entire business and context. The quote above was a highlight from a recent customer survey conducted by Automattic – it seems […]

Follow the mustard line..

And no, we weren’t on the yellow brick road! Last week my son broke his arm and this prompted our first visit to the local hospital in a new country (we moved countries about 6 […]


Try Gutenberg and share your thoughts as you try to re-create a blog post – seemed simple enough. Even though I had missed the deadline for this, I wanted to give it a try to […]

Learn how I grew my blog readership by 1000% on a $20 budget

With this as your challenge – what do you do: Pick a colleague’s post, and explain why you chose that one. Outline a plan for the post to get 1,000+ views. Imagine that you have […]

It just works…

For a long time, this was the reason I used to give people when I would explain why I bought Apple products, which inevitably were more expensive than a similar product offered by a competitor. […]

Designing for the minority

What do you see? What can’t you see? What does it feel like? Can you see any colors? Is everything just black and white? These are some of the questions I get asked when I […]

What you learn in the deep end

Nearly 2 years ago, I took over as the team lead of the team I had joined when I started working at what was then WooThemes. That, in and of itself might seem to have […]

Your support team might just be your biggest user research asset in your company

We speak a lot about user research at Automattic within our various product divisions and it’s easy to get your head down in the trenches and feel like you don’t have the time to come […]

Streamlining the extension management flow

Say goodbye to having to install a plugin to manage your plugins! Over the past few months, we have been working on figuring out how we could simplify our customer’s experience when managing the extensions […]