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Growing Pains

The design team (and friends) recently conducted extensive user research around small business owners and their experiences, as you may have already read elsewhere on this blog. The team spoke to 34 entrepreneurs, gaining […]

Popping bubbles with pineapples

It’s easy to become trapped in a bubble. After all – you know what to expect, and everyone uses your product the same way, right?


As many of you in the open source community will know, WordPress is moving towards a block-based post and page editing format in the nearish future. Dubbed Gutenberg (yes, after he of the first printing […]

Promoting is not short for “professional moting” AKA how to get more eyeballs to your blog post

As you may have read in some of my colleagues’ posts on this blog already, there has been a slight shift in the way we do things here. Instead of monthly posts, we’re moving to […]

A Designer’s (mini) Guide to Basic Developing

When I first started out designing for the web, all that a plucky pixel wrangler needed was Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and an FTP client to get the job done. I’m oversimplifying a little, but it wasn’t […]

“I have no idea what I’m doing”

I didn’t go to design school. Truth be told, I fell into this whole design thing by accident.

Designspiration from the field of play

As a marketing designer at WooCommerce, most of the work that I create lives exclusively on screens. You might logically assume, then, that a large amount of my design inspiration would come from other digital […]

Same same, but different

Same same, but different is a phrase I came across after talking to friends who had recently been on a holiday to Thailand. They told me that, when vendors in the local marketplaces don’t have […]