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Product designer at Automattic /, husband, father. Guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter in various music projects.

Seeking a broader perspective

For the past couple months a team of designers has been neck deep in user research and exercises designed to help us absorb and synthesize everything we’ve learned. We started from curiosity: how can we […]

Do you want page views or readers?

Type “get more blog traffic” into Google and you’ll get about 70,000,000 results. The results read like snake oil peddlers trying to one-up each other at a state fair. “Increase Blog Traffic NOW!”, “25 Tactics […]

Finding inspiration in the mundane

A few years ago I hit a creative block. Now, I know this is nothing new. Whether it’s a short block specific to a project or a longer period of burnout, everyone has those times […]

Keeping product assumptions in check

Assumptions can be difficult to overcome. Many times we don’t even realize we’re making them. As an experienced product designer, I find it easier to make these assumptions. They more easily creep into my work […]

Sending the right message with form validation

Error messages. Those little things everyone hates to see. As designers, we like to design the best possible experience for getting users through the task at hand. But it’s our job to put as much […]

Don't forget the emails

Have you ever signed up for a new site or product, forgotten about it, only to remember later when you check your inbox and see the welcome email? What if that email looked nothing like […]