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Design systems practitioner, design director, product designer, collage artist, and amateur zine publisher. Inspired by the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

People are sitting together in stadium seating. A man is standing holding a microphone speaking.

The first ATL Design Systems Meetup

Building design systems is hard. What makes it even harder is that a lot of these teams are very small, sometimes even comprising a single person. This can sometimes leave design systems practitioners feeling isolated […]

The simple mistake we all have made, and how to avoid it

We all make assumptions all the time. In fact you likely made an assumption about this article before you clicked on it. It’s human nature for our brains to fill in blanks and make connections […]

You don’t have to be a genius to think intuitively

From Albert Einstein to Steve Jobs, countless thinkers, artists, and inventors have acknowledged that intuition played a large role in their success. Intuition, for the purpose of this conversation, is defined as a thing that […]

Using Gutenberg to recreate “It’s Time for Real Talk About Aliens”

For the latest design empathy challenge we were asked to replicate an article using the new Gutenberg editor. As a fairly new Automattician, I’ve been pretty unfamiliar with Gutenberg so I was excited to spend […]

Experiments in Driving Traffic

If you follow this blog you likely know that last month the designers at Automattic were given the following challenge: Pick a colleague’s post, and explain why you chose that one. Outline a plan for […]

Thoughts on working fully distributed for the first time

When I first tell people that I’ve joined a fully distributed company and now work from home I get one of two reactions: curiosity and delight or the more common look of horror and confusion. […]