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I'm a Creative Technologist for Automattic! I like outrigger canoe paddling, photography, dark chocolate, and long walks on the beach. Also Star Wars.

Putting all of the pieces together

For many small business owners, building a web presence is like trying to build a puzzle without knowing what the end result looks like. You can see how a few pieces fit together, but it’s […]

Taking Gutenberg for a spin

Full disclosure: I’ve been using Gutenberg a bit with my work on the Theme Team, but I haven’t used it in this particular way. Yesterday I would have told you that I knew my […]

My plan to build an audience

Blogging isn’t easy, and doing it regularly is hard. I know this because it’s something I’ve struggled with for years (as evidenced by the very sparse archives on my personal site). Even if you post […]

Our Creed

Back in mid-July, John Maeda asked me to write about my first few weeks working at Automattic, but it took me until now to stop and reflect on how it’s been since I was hired […]