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How do you scale 100X?

When I read about businesses and startups, scaling or growing a business are hot buzzwords. People often ask questions like, “How do you scale your business 5X…10X…or even 100X?” Everyone seems to be obsessed with […]

On growing my intuition

I used to think I have pretty good intuition in design and creative. I come from the advertising agency world. In the ad world, things are done a certain way. When we create an ad […]

A trial of Gutenberg – Empathy Challenge #2

All Automattic designers are tasked with rebuilding a Longreads article of their choice, using the latest and greatest version of WordPress’s next-gen editor, Gutenberg. Since I’ve worked on some videos for Gutenberg, this is not […]

The shortcut for getting 1000 views

For this installation of the Automattic Design blog post, we are doing something different. As an empathy challenge, we are tasked to think about a common question our customers face, “How do I get more […]

Questions on Marketing Creative Strategy

In recent months, the marketing team has been making great progress in creating new creative work to showcase our products and connect them with our current and prospective customers. One of our focus areas […]

Computer, do my design work.

Imagine you step into your car for your morning commute, then the car starts driving itself. You realize you need to make a stop at the cell phone store, so you tell your car. You […]

Lessons from Hong Kong

I grew up in Hong Kong and have since moved to America during my last year of high school. After spending half of my life in America, I’ve realized it has made me very US-centric […]

What’s Your Freedom?

“We don’t make software for free, we make it for freedom.” The idea of freedom rings true to Automattic’s roots. Our CEO, Matt Mullenweg, blogged about the four software freedoms back in 2014. In fact, this […]

Creative Campaign for Detroit Small Businesses has recently launched our very first TV commercials – telling the stories of small businesses in Detroit. The spots document our journey during the Detroit Hackathon we’ve held with Rebrand Cities to partner with […]