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Our users don’t care about websites. And that’s ok.

Automattic recently conducted extensive research on small business owners (SBOs), looking into their behaviors, preferences, and motivations around both building websites and business in general. The design team was tasked with reading through this research […]

When less is more

Simplicity builds trust. At Automattic we’ve been working through some overarching design principles to help guide our work. One of these core principles is that “simplicity builds trust.” Basically, the idea that the more straightforward […]

Using Gutenberg Like a User

All designers at Automattic are tasked with quarterly empathy challenges to help us better look at our products from the perspective of our users. Our most recent task was to recreate an existing post using […]

Can you succeed in blogging without really trying?

As it is probably apparent by glancing through this blog, the designers at Automattic were given a user empathy challenge. Our task was to pick one of our fellow designers’ blog posts and come up […]

Why Automattic’s remote design team is anything but isolating

I didn’t study design in college. In fact, I’ve only ever taken one professionally sanctioned design class in my life. I initially got started in the field because there wasn’t a designer at my first […]

Using Stock Photography to Elevate Small Campaigns

I had a recent conversation with our Head of Design John Maeda about how entrepreneurs get things done. They don’t decide to make an omelette, open the fridge to find there are no eggs and […]