WP Apparel By Automattic Designers

Design has always been integral to WordPress, from the birth of the wp-design mailing list in 2005 to today.

This simple typographic t-shirt celebrates design in the WordPress community. Designed by Kjell Reigstad, it pays homage to the classic International Typographic Style. The text is set in Helvetica Neue 75, and the back features a minimalist outline of Wapuu.

G is for Gutenberg! The front of this t-shirt features an illuminated manuscript ‘G,’ inspired by the Gutenberg Editor. The letter’s design brings together touches of old typography and a contemporary line, just like the Gutenberg project references both the introduction of printing and the revolution of online publishing.

Extra: For the sharp-eyed, the back of this shirt shows a subtle reference to Wapuu, the beloved WordPress mascot.

It’s not unusual to hear a WordPress community member say, “I first learned how to code in WordPress.” As an open environment where anyone, and everyone, can learn the foundations of software design, WordPress has been liberating computer science education from the ivory towers since 2003. In the spirit of back-to-school season, we celebrate the many self-motivated learners who constitute “the alumni” of the virtual, inclusive campus that is WordPress. This t-shirt was designed by Mark Uraine, with the back graphic styled as a Wapuu silhouette using the original index.php code from WordPress 0.7.

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