St(art) Mondays / 19.01.21

Every Monday at Automattic Design we share our inspirations internally. So we thought it might be interesting to share them with a few more folks out there. Here’s a few …

Paralyzing Your Voice Assistant (For Privacy)

Digital art project to cloak your conversations via Mel Choyce

Stop Obsessing Over Your Prototype and Just Let Customers See It

Building an MVP that hasn’t been preceded by a prototype is the slowest and most expensive way to test your hypothesis — because if you’ve gotten the premise sufficiently wrong in MVP, rework will be expensive!”

Entrepreneur Magazine via Megs Fulton

CSS Animations x Data Visualization Libraries

Something cool up on CSS Tricks that I found

Your Site Needs To Be Accessible To Be Legal

Here, Robles does not seek to impose liability based on Domino’s failure to comply with WCAG 2.0. Rather, Robles merely argues—and we agree—that the district court can order compliance with WCAG 2.0 as an equitable remedy if, after discovery, the website and app fail to satisfy the ADA.”

A11y case win against Domino’s Pizza via David Alan Kennedy

Using Abstract Imagery To Convey Intangible Emotions

On Genesis Beijing by Wolff Olins via Jared Granger

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