Month: September 2018

It’s about time

“You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.” Pink Floyd When I was in school and later studying part-time at college, I founded several small online businesses. There was […]

A Bicycle for the Business

Recently, our product team conducted a research on small business owners who happen to be a significant part of the customer base. In the report, there was one thing that stuck with me so clearly I […]

When your business is a burden

The design team recently completed a customer research study with small business owners. Reading through the report, this line stood out to me: All business owners expressed some element of feeling like an imposter […]

A website is a means to an end

Small business owners are not website focused. They require an approach that recognizes their entire business and context. The quote above was a highlight from a recent customer survey conducted by Automattic – it seems […]

Remember email? It’s still a thing

Earlier this year, I was one of the many designers at our company that participated in a an in-depth study about small business owners to determine how we might build our products to serve them […]

A photo taken out of a plane window looking at the ground

Never mind “Autopilot.” What about the people who are afraid to fly? Thoughts on creating website building software for small businesses.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that no matter how easy something may be, some folks have a tendency to stay clear away from it. And not because they don’t want […]

The simple mistake we all have made, and how to avoid it

We all make assumptions all the time. In fact you likely made an assumption about this article before you clicked on it. It’s human nature for our brains to fill in blanks and make connections […]

Your goals are our goals

Recently, Automattic design and research teams paired up to conduct a foundational research study to learn more about small business owners. One of the insights that immediately stood out as I made my way through […]

Help me succeed

I know I need to be writing articles. […] Do that for me. I hate writing articles. I despise it. “I despise it”  – these words from one of our customer interviews caught my eye, as they are […]