Month: September 2018

How do you scale 100X?

When I read about businesses and startups, scaling or growing a business are hot buzzwords. People often ask questions like, “How do you scale your business 5X…10X…or even 100X?” Everyone seems to be obsessed with […]

Retired with a business

Not too long ago, my coworkers produced a report to help understand small business owners. It’s filled with solid insights that will challenge your ideas on who small business owners are and where their priorities lie. […]

Customer experience, by design.

Creating work for myself has always been a challenge. It’s easy to get sucked into the possibility of the project and all it could be. I’m reminded of this challenge when I ask a client […]

This title will be optimized for maximum engagement

My father ran his own business for most of his professional life. I always admired that he was able to venture out on his own and not take the easier route of working for someone […]

The 3rd Bucket

What prevents businesses going from surviving to thriving? Sure, time and money play a factor, but could there be a 3rd reason? Our research indicates yes!

Moving Past Creation

As folks who design and build website creation tools, we tend to be very focused on just that: Creation. The birthing of the shiny new website that we know will help our customers achieve all […]

Building Websites with Passion for Our Customers

When I was in my early teens, I started using a tool called ResEdit to customize the splash screens of applications on my computer. I opened the original splash screen image files in GraphicConverter, added some […]

Innovation isn’t disruption, it’s thoughtful evolution

Innovation done right is about understanding the soul of a thing — an object, a process, a piece of software. Furthermore, it is about using new technologies, contexts, or approaches to more effectively express that soul.