To-do list: Website

This is my 4th year spent in the world of small businesses. I just spent 2 years at Automattic, promoting as the #1 website builder for small businesses. Before that, I worked at a startup with the goal to disrupt the floral industry in the United States. They were helping florists get rid of their contracts with greedy 3rd parties companies by providing flower shops with a personalized and beautiful site while allowing them to upload their own creations. For 4 years, helping people making their websites has been my priority. Except, for entrepreneurs and small business owners, it’s often just one more thing on their to-do list. 

Once we understand what that truly means, it applies to different aspects of the company:

The product

  • Creating a product that’s not only easy to use, but can be integrated in people’s everyday life is crucial.
  • Reducing frustration is not enough; a pleasant experience needs to happen.

The way we market

  • Promoting what people need, and not how cool we are.
  • Being straightforward and using concrete language, while keeping the branding visionary is necessary.

The on-boarding process

  • Easy breezy beautiful; the sign up process needs have no room for blockers.
  • Having a beginning website to start is helpful, but starting from zero is no fun.

The ongoing relationship with the customers

  • Making more money, or meeting their definition of success, online and offline, should be happening for them.
  • Making people’s life easier, daily, is a goal; again there is no room for frustration

And hopefully, once small business owners realize how a website with can lift them up, we can be at the top of their list!

By Cristel Rossignol

Marketing Designer at Automattic