Not a priority

I consider having a website essential. When researching something new, the first thing I do is to check the internet for a website. In fact, if a business doesn’t have one or is completely outdated I would disregard it.

The website is just on my long list of things to do

A research on small business owners completed by a group of Automatticians made me recognise that there are probably some great businesses that I have simply ignored by only looking online. I suppose I didn’t realise it’s not always a priority for a small business owner. They run a busy life and they don’t always have the time to build a website.

Building a website is not the be all and end all of success, there’s still a lot of hard work that goes into it. Small business owners would still need to add content, promote/advertise the site, and so on.

I know I need to be writing articles. I need somebody to write articles for me. And I need somebody to help place them, put them where they need to go. Manage the back linking. Do that for me. I hate writing articles. I despise it. I’d love help with that.

Writing content for a website can be a challenging, time-consuming, and not everyone is necessarily good at it. At we have the Blogging University (it’s not just for Bloggers despite its name!) and there’s even a course entitled “Websites: Build a Business Site” to help our SMBs customers succeed.

Photo by Luke Stackpoole via Unsplash.

By Thomas Guillot


>[there are] some great businesses that I have simply ignored by only looking online

That’s just one of the reason that Hajj Fleming’s Rebrand Cities Project is so significant — because there are so many small businesses out there that are just unfindable online. As if they never existed.

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