Building trust through the Rebrand Cities project

At Automattic, there’s one collaborative project which particularly helps building trust within who we are as a company, our product(s) and our customers. This project, founded by Hajj Flemings, is called Rebrand Cities and has the goal to get American small businesses online. More details on their about page. Here’s why small business owners trust Rebrand Cities for helping them building their website (whether they sell good or services, online and/or offline)

Consistency builds trust. Speed builds trust. Simplicity builds trust.

Rebrand Cities has had a clear goal since the beginning of its existence: getting 10,000 neighborhood businesses online. They screamed it out loud and stuck with it. Therefore their visual voice and messaging has been uniform and consistent. On their blog, well alive, you’ll find at least a new publication for each month following January 2018. This not only keeps the project active, but sets expectations and gives confidence to whomever is watching.

Whenever they host events, Rebrand Cities folks are well organized and care about use of time. They know how precious is this resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs. During an event with Rebrand Cities, you’ll find yourself given time restrictions, whether you are attending as a small business owner, developer, creative or partner. Limitations include: Building a website in 3 hours, filling your online social media profile in 10 minutes, asking questions to an expert for 10 minutes, etc. This is good because it forces everyone to ship content and get things done.

Rebrand Cities mission is big yet clear: “Crushing the digital divide for small businesses”. If you are an entrepreneur, it’s pretty clear that they want to help you getting online as soon as possible. And they’ll do it simply, by using the same recipe for each website. They ensure that the pictures are looking great, they’ll take existing branding pieces such as a logo, they use simple yet elegant font pairing, they integrate the content within an uncomplicated theme, get you started with SEO and other tools you might need, et voilà! Here’s an example of that recipe. This simplicity is a substantial quality of the project because it makes people willing to participate. 

Consistency builds trust. Speed builds trust. Simplicity builds trust.

Not only small business owners trust Rebrand Cities, but cities also started believing the project. Rebrand Cities recently tweeted their partnership with City of LA finance.

Find everything about Rebrand Cities and/or get involved here.


By Cristel Rossignol

Marketing Designer at Automattic