Month: April 2018

Test Driving Gutenberg

As part of our latest Empathy Challenge, designers at Automattic were challenged to recreate an article using Gutenberg. Gutenberg is a new block based editor designed to simplify post creation and so I was happy […]

Multicolored window tiles on the Waterloo Region Museum in Kitchener, Canada.

Front End Design, WordPress Themes and the Future

Say goodbye to the themer. If you’re not familiar with the WordPress world, that term may not mean much. But in that space, it’s a role, usually with a front end design skill set, filled […]


Try Gutenberg and share your thoughts as you try to re-create a blog post – seemed simple enough. Even though I had missed the deadline for this, I wanted to give it a try to […]

How to Create a Website for Your Small Business, Part 3: Customization and Sharing

Back in Part 2 of this three-part tutorial series, we set up our website, planned out the structure of our site pages, and added in our main content. Now, it’s time to start customizing our […]

Giving Gutenberg a spin

We were tasked with trying out Gutenberg. I actually half completed this task a couple of weeks back with a Longreads post but didn’t end up posting about it. So this morning I gave it […]

Taking Gutenberg for a spin

Full disclosure: I’ve been using Gutenberg a bit with my work on the Theme Team, but I haven’t used it in this particular way. Yesterday I would have told you that I knew my […]

Test Driving the Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Hey there! have you heard? A new editing experience is on it’s way to WordPress. It’s called Gutenberg. In an attempt to build empathy for humans on the other side of the screen, many of […]

Kicking the Tires of Gutenberg

For this edition of our empathy blogging, designers at Automattic were challenged to recreate a Longreads article using the Gutenberg plugin. According to Netflix I have a thing for British drama and strong female leads […]

Testing on the train

I went a bit off-script for my empathy challenge. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how to build small businesses sites using WordPress, so I tried to replicate a pattern I see […]