Month: March 2018

Gutenberg, Longreads, and Climate Change in Cities

Like my fellow designers at Automattic, this quarter I spent some time trying to recreate a Longreads story using Gutenberg, the new block-based editor for WordPress. I’ve already had some experience with Gutenberg, but primarily […]

Testing Gutenberg for the first time (ish)

I have tested Gutenberg in the past but, I hadn’t created a long article with different content with it until today. For our empathy challenge, I decided to replicate the post “How Land Registry data […]

Recreating “Are The Teens All Right?” in Gutenberg

In this post I document my experience recreating the Longreads article “Are The Teens All Right?” by Danielle Tcholakian in the Gutenberg editor. In fact I tried to recreate the entire web page, including the […]

Using Gutenberg to recreate “It’s Time for Real Talk About Aliens”

For the latest design empathy challenge we were asked to replicate an article using the new Gutenberg editor. As a fairly new Automattician, I’ve been pretty unfamiliar with Gutenberg so I was excited to spend […]

Testing Gutenberg: An Empathy Challenge

Like so many of my colleagues, I thought I’d test Gutenberg by answering the call to an empathy challenge. We were asked to recreate an existing post with the new Gutenberg plugin (soon to be […]

Taking the Gutenberg challenge

Gutenberg editor plugin is under rapid development, and each release brings new, exciting features. One of the easiest ways anyone can contribute to the project, is by using Gutenberg, and giving feedback on your experience. […]

Taking Gutenberg for a Spin

As part of our quarterly empathy challenge, I attempted to recreate this Longreads post, “Hey, Can I Sleep In Your Room?”: Studying Love with Elizabeth Flock. Beyond copying and pasting the article itself, I attempted […]

Gutenberg Plugin Review

For this quarter’s empathy challenge, we were asked to pick a post from Longreads and recreate it. I used my own site,, and created a page on there. I have a fully customized theme, […]

Reproducing a Discover feature in Gutenberg

Gutenberg is rapidly getting better and better. I’ve been digging into its relationship to themes, and have been experimenting with its role in content as well. In that vein, I took on a Gutenberg challenge […]