Is $20 for 1000 views worth the investment?

Someone (;)) asked: How can I get 1000 views with a $20(US) budget

Well well.

If you want to get 1000 views on that article you wrote, there are multiple ways to do so which have been greatly covered by my colleagues and I couldn’t have done better.

I suggest going to their respective posts or researching the topics that peak your interest from the below.

They talk about (amongst other insights):

@olaolusoga (Product Market Fit, Nailing a title, Paid vs organic traffic, Google Adwords, Long tail keywords)

@davidalankennedy (How to resonate with users through entertainment and education, The importance of consistency, Niche audience and true fans, Repurposing existing content)

@garysmurray (Relevance of content)

@kjellreigstad (Longreads)

@sixhours (Offering freebies)

And more (See: all the articles on how to get traffic)

With all of these options, the only remaining decision would be the distribution of the $20 budget.

But…Is spending $20 for getting 1000 really worth it? 

You followed all of my colleague’s advice and you got your 1000 views. But what now? Is this sustainable? No. You need money.

So you’ve got Google Adwords running on your blog.

The average CTR (Click through rate) in Adwords across all industries is roughly 2%, and the average PPC (Pay per click) is $1.

0.02 x 1000 = 20 people x $1 = $20

In that case, your ROI (Return on investment) is 100%.

PS I based this calculation on the most accurate and up-to-date numbers I could find, but they vary vastly. Jon Morrow (from SmartBlogger) did the same exercise and found a possible revenue of $0.50 per day with the same strategy (See 1. Blog Ads Pay You Peanuts).

Base note, track your own PPC and CTR; and calculate your ROI.

Want more $$ return on your investment?

From the same article, Jon Morrow suggests 4 tricks to make money out of your blog: they all come down to selling products or services that are relevant to your audience. (Jump down to IDEA #1, 2, 3 and 4 to read more about them).

To act upon this strategy on your blog, you need the Simple Payment button and/or the Store feature installed.

Start your online store with the Business Plan


By Cristel Rossignol

Marketing Designer at Automattic